Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Chores

With spring magically appearing (including my allergies!) it is time to do some spring chores and I did a bevy this weekend. Included was washing and resealing this outdoor wicker table (I mixed some graphite powder in with the acrylic sealer to give it a new sparkle and to cover the imperfections in the painted finish). Also on the list: fix an imperfection on my ikea table, washing the wastebasket (tea stains!), hanging the bamboo shade on my balcony, glue a knob on my car, and prepare for planting. Make your own list so you can enjoy the spring and summer! Most of these chores took less than five minutes, but will be much enjoyed. My balcony is starting to look inviting again - I am nearly ready for evenings of a glass of wine or sangria and a good book.


  1. What is on your list? I also need to launder my spring (white cotton) trench. It seems I forgot to do it last fall.