Tuesday, April 21, 2009

hanging baskets

I mentioned yesterday that I prepared my hanging baskets for spring. Last summer I tried flowers and herbs and nothing was happy. These baskets get full west sun and wouldn't stay moist. After my failures I panted some philodendron cuttings and those did the best, so I'm starting this year with more cuttings. I made a trellis with fishing line so the vines can climb up and create a pyramid. I may plant some small low flowers in the corners when it gets a little warmer. 

I moved the pencil plant outside and the others are preparing by sitting next to a very sunny window. I like to place many of my house plants outdoors during the summer - they thrive during these warm sunny months outdoors. The only one that stays indoors is my orchid but it might find its way out there this summer.


  1. Yes and it's thriving. THRIVING I tell ya. Do you want a cutting?