Wednesday, July 29, 2009

staying cool

If you follow the news then you probably heard that the pacific northwest is in an all-sorts-of-record-breaking heat wave. It's HOT! This morning we set the warmest low ever (73 deg - 4 deg warmer than the previous record) and today we're expected to break the warmest ever high record (of 100 deg).

To try to keep cool(er) I have spent the early mornings and evenings on my porch - although technically may not be cooler than my apartment the warm breeze feels nice. I take some reading, a cooling glass of water, iced tea, or sangria and bring the fan to heighten that breeze. In the evenings I pull a lamp near so I can continue to read after sunset. It's kinda noisy (busy street) and I can hear everyone else on their porches (talking on cell phones) but still it's a break from the indoor sauna that is my apartment.

Why not go somewhere cooler??? I might break down today, but in general I don't know where to go. I would head to the library with my laptop, but I can't take my pooch and it's seems cruel to leave her behind.

Tips to keep cool:

1. drink cold beverages
2. drink hot beverages (this works by making you sweat and then you feel cooler)
3. eat spicy food (same as #2)
4. read escapist literature (maybe it's time to pull out the Anne books?)
5. take COLD showers - I'm also giving my dog daily cold showers to help cool her down (when she starts panting you know it is time for that shower)
6. plug fan into extension cord so you can easily pull it around the apartment after you
7. dig through sweater box to find those tank tops you know you have somewhere
8. put fitted sheet on [futon] sofa because it's cooler to the touch than the upholstery
9. eat salads, popsicles, and fruit
10. wrap ice with a bandana and place on nape of neck or forehead for instant cool
11. close windows and shades when outdoors surpasses the interior temp (84 presently)

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