Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day!

As a child, we would rise early on May 1st to deliver our may baskets and then hide so no one caught us. We used those green plastic baskets berries used to come in and wove paper and ribbons through the sides and filled with candy. It was a beloved holiday and I am sad that it isn't commonplace. On our street it was de rigueur and continued throughout the day with making new things to deliver via the ring and run. HAPPY MAY DAY!!!


  1. aw, you were a lucky kid. :) i hope you help revive this practice in the future :)

  2. When (if) I have kids I most certainly will. I did it once as an adult - to a co-worker who also grew up with May baskets. Instead of a candy filled basket I delivered a pin-wheel.

    I agree I was a lucky kid - we lived on a great street where everyone was friendly and we played lots of street games no matter what our age. (e.g. Highschoolers and kindergartners played tag together).