Wednesday, May 13, 2009

radish top pesto

For better or worse I recently joined a CSA (and I realize it doesn't strictly meet this definition).  What has held me back in the past: I live alone (so much produce!), expense (esp. if you can't finish your box each week), and the commitment (many must commit for the whole season). I found one that offers an every other week option (surely I can eat a box of produce in two weeks?), the price is at the low end of the weekly offerings, and you can join/quit at any time. They source from many organic farms in the northwest (so it might be out if you're a locavore) - in truth it's a compromise from the idealized, but seems a workable solution and better than the chain grocery. I got my first box last monday and have been looking for recipes to use all the 'unusual' greens in my fridge. Happily Chocolate and Zucchini posted a radish top pesto recipe on Tuesday and I promptly made it for lunch.

The recipe is the same as the traditional basil pesto, but with the basil replaced with radish greens. Remove the stems from the greens and wash well and spin dry. I added an extra clove of garlic (in basil pesto I usually quadruple the typical amount - I love garlic), but for this I wouldn't add any more. The greens are spicy, like radishes, and are powerful enough on their own. I added a splash of lime juice (in lieu of the lemon zest) and the chili powder Clotilde recommends.

The recipe yielded nearly a cup of pesto, which I watered down with pasta water and more olive oil for the rigatoni lunch. The remainder is sealed in a jar with a thin coating of olive oil to seal it. Bon appetite!

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