Wednesday, May 20, 2009

rainbow chard and frittata

In another attempt to use the 'unusual greens' from the veggie box, I decided to make a frittata. The word strikes some fear in me, as I still remember the so-called frittata served at my college dorm which was always wet and may best be called an egg casserole. The frittata is an Italian omelet, which is cooked on the stove top and is then broiled (or flipped!).

This frittata started with preparation of the greens. I separated the leafy part of the chard from the stems and thoroughly washed and dried them.  I saved the stems to be steamed and served with a drizzle of olive oil, salt, and pepper. Steam for about 10 minutes, or until tender. They have a strong earthy taste similar to beats (although texture is nothing similar). 

Rainbow Chard and Red Onion Frittata

4 stems of rainbow chard, washed, dried, torn, and separated (stems from leaves)
1 medium red onion, thinly sliced 
2 cloves garlic, minced
olive oil
6-8 eggs
3 oz. shredded cheese (I used sharp cheddar)
sea salt

Cook the onion in olive oil until transparent in a large skillet. Add the garlic and greens, and cover. Chard is a 'tough' green so it will take longer to cook than say spinach. Season with salt and pepper continue to stir. When greens are cooked to your desire, pour beaten eggs into pan and stir. Sprinkle with cheese. The frittata should rest until it is firm. At this point take a plate and flip* the frittata onto the plate. Use another plate to flip again, and then finally flip the frittata back into the pan. The cheese should now be on the bottom and cook for ~2 minutes, or until cheese is 'fried'. Remove the frittata by flipping again. Either side (cheesy or eggy) can be on top and serve immediately (although also good cold). 

* In lieu of all this flipping, use an oven safe skillet and transfer to broiler for cheese 'frying' or buy a frittata pan that is double sided and latches shut for easy flipping. 

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