Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quality and Value since 1930

I have always loved the Jiffy brand mixes. They are usually good, cheap, and have great (recyclable) packaging. Grocery stores always carry them, but sometimes they are a little hidden - so look high, low, or at the end. Sadly I just read the ingredients and learned the corn muffin mix has animal lard in it (which is really only sad if you are a vegetarian) and may contain partially hydrogenated animal lard (something I avoid - therefore the sad bit). The packaging is still great and it makes a tasty muffin. I am going to enjoy this with my lentil soup. Yummy lunch!


  1. Fortunately, cornmeal bread is super easy to make by scratch!! But I do love the graphics here. Especially the out-dated use of quotes. And the simplicity of the white background.

  2. I HEART the outdated packaging too. When I bought this I was looking for regular cornmeal, but I couldn't find it (not my normal grocer). And ran across this old favorite - who could resist?