Monday, June 1, 2009

mock moroccan mint tea.

When in Morocco you will drink mint tea, also known as Moroccan whisky, at least three times a day. It is drunk with each meal and during most social encounters.

The tea is a delight. The heat, the refreshing mint, and the sugar. When it is extremely hot, hot drinks are actually refreshing (making the air around you feel cooler) and you also need a lot of sugar (and salt) to compensate for all the sweating. When you're in the cool pacific northwest you don't need all that sugar or the heat so this is an iced and lightly sweetened version of the mint tea found in Morocco.

mock moroccan mint tea
makes 2 quarts

3-4 c. water, boiling
4 black tea bags, tied together with tags removed
1-2 sprigs of mint (about 4")
2 cubes of sugar
1 tray ice cubes

Place tea, mint, and sugar in 2 quart pitcher. Pour boiling water over mixture and let steep for 5-10 minutes. Remove tea bags and mint. Add ice to tea and fill pitcher with cold water. Stir and place in fridge. Enjoy with ice!

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