Thursday, June 4, 2009

heat wave

This week is hot. Today it has hit 90* deg F (the last several have tapered out at 88 deg). The only thing to do is pull out my paper fans. My small collection consists of one from my childhood (my favorite souvenirs!), one that belonged to a great aunt (the gold fancy one with images on both sides) and 4 from my brother. About 5 years ago, he gave me a bunch of butterfly paper fans. Why? Who knows. It is these butterfly fans that I pull out on hot days. They are less precious, but still hold the charm and elegance and cooling effect of the others. They suffer from small tares in their pleats, which was the fate of many of mine from childhood (more often a separation from the handle); I repair the damage with tape and continue to cool myself. I also enjoy a quantity of popsicles.

* Average high for June is 69 deg. F. The hottest month, August's average high is 76 deg. F. An absolute record high for Seattle of 100 deg. F was set in late July 15 years ago. So this is REALLY hot for us.

UPDATE: It eventually reached 92 deg.

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