Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Whenever I purchase a roast chicken, in addition to the chicken salad I make with those odd bits of chicken, I make chicken stock. The stock is very, very simple to make and delicious. Place carcass, skin, and any leftover bits in a large pot. Add any veggies you want, I freeze veggies that are limp or the parts of leeks I don't eat. Sometimes I keep a plastic tub of carrot tops, sprouting garlic, and other veggie waste in the freezer. Add these to the stock-pot. Cover with water and boil. The longer you cook (hours!), the better, but even 30 minutes will make a better stock than anything you buy at the store (and it's made from 'trash'). Stir occasionally and continually add water as it will evaporate. You can add salt, pepper, a bay leaf or other spices if you want.

The hard part is next (primarily because I don't have a large colander)...  Strain out the veggie bits, bones, skin, and meat. This may take a few tries. In the final sieve, use a piece of cheesecloth to get the smallest bits. When you're done place in the fridge to cool. While it is cooling, the fat will surface, use a piece of plastic wrap to remove this top layer (there are also special tools for this). You won't remove all of this fat, but get most of it. Next freeze in ice cube trays. The stock is probably a concentrate and you may want to cut with water, or to taste.

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