Thursday, January 15, 2009


In our household, the kong is the greatest toy ever! Sadly, last June when we were home visiting family it was left never to be seen again. I probably should have gone out and bought a new one, but I like to rotate toys and thought Gidget could wait 6 months... Well when we were home for Christmas, I searched under sofas (typical hiding place of dog toys never to be seen again) and rescued it from the depths of the recliner. I don't know how we lived without it because it is the greatest toy ever. 

Someone once told me their dog didn't like the kong, they had heard it was great and then their dog wouldn't play with it. Turns out they didn't realize you're supposed to put a treat in it... I use the doggie biscuits I buy, but peanut butter is also popular around here. It can take hours and days and weeks to get the treat out with hours and hours of fun trying to release it.

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