Friday, January 16, 2009

New Year, new habits

My goal in cooking is to make real food. The real food movement is about eating food in its natural form. Shop the outside walls of the store (not the aisles). Read labels:  no corn syrup, no margarine, no skim milk. While I can't evaluate the science behind this, I can tell you it makes sense. I have been on a progressively real-er and real-er food diet for years now (not that I was ever a big consumer of industrialized/processed foods). And was happy to see this recent article on what to stock in your pantry to "cook, and cook quickly, to get a satisfying and enjoyable variety of real food on the table as often as possible." Happily I am already doing many of these, but I am inspired to tackle a bit more... like buy tomato paste in a tube and get a hand pump oil sprayer.

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