Thursday, October 1, 2009


The weather has turned from the indian summer we were enjoying the northwest to something more typical of this time of year: overcast and rainy. The weather suggests a change in diet and sausages are sounding awfully appetizing (I don't like all sausages, but am developing a taste for them). I also just returned from vacation and needed to pick up something easy at the grocer's as I returned to town that was easy because I was exhausted (lots, lots of driving). I was looking for the chicken apple sausages (yum!) when I didn't find them I decided to try bockwurst because they reminded me of boudin white sausages. Both are white and made with pork. In Belgium boudin (white or black) is served with apple sauce so I also bought a sugar-free jar. The package of Bockwurst says to serve with red cabbage or potatoes (and mustard, of course) and I decided to first serve with potatoes (I had a few fingerlings left from before my travels). My next sausage will be with apple sauce. It's a perfect fall meal.

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